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Full Face Masks

This mask covers most of your mouth and nose, with side straps to secure it in place. This allows the mask to seal both airways.  

This mask is great if you:

  • Breathe mainly through your mouth or have issues that restrict your ability to breathe through your nose. Because the mask covers both your nose and mouth, it may take time for you to get used to wearing the mask.
  • Need a higher pressure.
  • Sleep on your back.

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Customer Reviews

"I was bit skeptical due to a big price difference between what my local sleep therapist was asking & what is being offered here. Finally, made a purchase here & received device within 5 days in really good packaging. Thanks PapSmart for Saving $$$$."
— Sejal
"Saved over $1800.00 over Local storefront company. Thanks so much!"
— Max Taylor
"Papsmart is amazing! Ordered Tuesday Arrived Thursday."
— Clive
"Following my purchase, I wrote twice and received a response within hours of each email. These guys have been good to me. I have no regrets. It is easy to access all the settings on this machine"
— Ken B.
"This is a great mask and I have not seen a better price in North America"
— Ed Cherry