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About Us

PapSmart.com is Canada’s premier discount online CPAP store. We are pleased to offer an alternative method for CPAP replica watches shopping in Canada. 

PAPSmart is proudly Canadian owned and operated.  All prices are in Canadian dollars, and all items are shipped to your door from our Canadian distribution centre

It’s All About Convenience - We understand busy schedules and welcome you to shop anytime, night or day. There is no need to wait for an appointment, your new CPAP unit, mask, or accessory is just a click away.

PapSmart.com is the smart solution for CPAP shopping in Canada.

Thank you for shopping PapSmart!

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Customer Reviews

"I was bit skeptical due to a big price difference between what my local sleep therapist was asking & what is being offered here. Finally, made a purchase here & received device within 5 days in really good packaging. Thanks PapSmart for Saving $$$$."
— Sejal
"Saved over $1800.00 over Local storefront company. Thanks so much!"
— Max Taylor
"Papsmart is amazing! Ordered Tuesday Arrived Thursday."
— Clive
"Following my purchase, I wrote twice and received a response within hours of each email. These guys have been good to me. I have no regrets. It is easy to access all the settings on this machine"
— Ken B.
"This is a great mask and I have not seen a better price in North America"
— Ed Cherry